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The Center for Computational Biology (CCB) is a research and education center at the newest campus of the University of California in Merced, California. The CCB sponsors multidisciplinary scientific projects in which biological understanding is guided by computational modeling. The center also facilitates the development and dissemination of undergraduate and graduate course materials based on the latest research in computational biology. The Center is starting a number of activities that aim to recast biology as an information science:

  1. Host multidisciplinary research projects in computational and mathematical biology that will provide a rich environment for graduate and undergraduate research.
  2. Develop new mathematical and computational methods that are widely applicable to predictive modeling in the life sciences.
  3. Develop and disseminate computational biology course materials that translate new research results into educational resources.
  4. Extending the successes in achievingthese objectvies to other universities and "university-feeder" institutions such as community colleges.
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